Alexander Boria, the owner and managing partner of Advanced Home Solutions, LLC is a Realtor, Investor, and Contractor. He started consulting clients in selling and purchasing of real estate, until he noticed that many of the homes he showed to clients had problems, big and small. The decision was made to start a company that would provide homeowners with services in home improvements. He decided that with the knowledge and years of experience both his father and himself had in home improvements. They should venture out to help clients, homeowners, and real estate investors.

Advanced Home Solutions, LLC is a father and son business. They take pride in their work and in building strong relationships with their clients. They consult each of their clients with integrity to make sure that their clients are getting the best services provided at a good affordable price.

The goal of Advanced Home Solutions, LLC is to assist clients in the purchasing of a home, accomplish their home improvements, helping them maintain and add value and also help promote the selling of their homes.